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Hi Deb,
It's Tori & Pete (with Atka), and we just wanted to write a review for you, for your website, since we've been so happy with your pet care services for Atka.  :o)  I've never written one of these before, so here goes. 

"We have recently gotten our first dog, a German Shepherd puppy who we named Atka, and realized that we might every once in awhile need someone to help with him, for example when I am unable to come home from work for lunch to let Atka out/feed him, or if we have a day planned that would be unsuited for a puppy-tagalong and/or would not allow us to get home as often as necessary to give him a bathroom/exercise break.  We looked online, on Craigslist, and called a few people.  We found Deb that way, and she came over to our house one night so that we could meet her and see how she interacted with our pup before we made any decisions.  She was extremely friendly, and was kind and loving to Atka but didn't take any nonsense from him when he got rambunctious, either.  Her correction methods are positive/very humane, but still effective--we can see that she does have a lot of experience with other dogs.  She has helped us out a number of times since, and has been wonderful--very open, calling or leaving notes about how her visits went, and very trustworthy, since she has access to our home and belongings, not to mention our most precious one: Atka!   We would recommend her to any of our friends. 

I hope that helps in getting your new business off it's feet a bit, and thanks so much for all of your help with Atka so far.  Aunt Jacky said it was very nice to meet you.  Talk to you soon!
Tori & Pete


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